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Front Cover
  • Do you know about the time Mennonites got beaten with sticks by the denominational leaders when they were immersing believers?
  • Do you know that Baptists didn’t immerse people from the get-go?
  • Do you know the Fellowship Baptists in Canada are considering accepting non-immersed members?
  • Do you know the major constitutional and theological hurdles Fellowship Baptists face?
  • Do you know about Fellowship Baptist roots?
  • Do you wonder if anyone has a thumb on the scales in this discussion?
  • Do you know the names of the thirteen eager participants in this project who want you to know the truth?
Back Cover
  • A scholarly perspective and defense of immersion.
  • A practical guide to assure the doctine is properly taught.
  • The context is a denominational discussion among the Fellowship Baptists of Canada.
  • Some would like to grandfather in believers who were affused (poured) as if they were properly baptized.
  • Others understand the weight of the Word to teach that immersion only is valid and any believer who is not immersed should be as the only valid baptism.
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  • We want you to know all the facts.

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