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Baptism Course Outline

Regardless of their spiritual background a true believer always wants to shed the patterns of the past in favour of the thoughts, feelings and actions Jesus requires. This means that anyone who comes to you or your church should...

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The Limits of Autonomy

Baptists are for the autonomy of the local Church. To us there is no higher court of appeal than the Church itself. But what ought to happen when various Churches are sensing there should be something dealt with at the...

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The Issue Is Baptism Not Membership

Permitting Churches to admit into membership those who have as believers experienced a rite of “baptism” that does not correspond to the biblical command and example, has been cast as a matter of “baptism” on the one hand (what...

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Baptism and Membership

Baptism and membership are essential parts of our identity as Baptists. We must first be sure that we all have the same Biblical definition of these two Church realities. Only then will we be able to respond coherently to the...

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The Evolution of Immersion

Immersion isn’t a new concept. It starts with the rich Jewish heritage. Then the story follows through with the startling arrival of John the Baptist who reassigned the concept. Baptism is totally elevated by Jesus as an...

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The Theological Perspective

Baptism is one of the cornerstones of Christianity, regardless of denomination and consequent practice. Divergence exists as it relates to timing and mode, but all Christians “baptize.” Being one of the practices Jesus left for...

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The Linguistic Evidence

The Meaning of Baptism Has Been “Lost in Transliteration” The translators of the NT did us no favour by simply transliterating the bapt- word group. The meaning of baptism is immersion. We will revisit the evidence for that...

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Historical Perspective

Nothing we do occurs in a vacuum. Our decisions, which we often perceive to be pristine and purely altruistic in their motivation, often have other known and unknown influences. This is no less the case in our current...

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